Philosophical Counselling

What is Philosophical Counselling?

Philosophical Counselling is a type of counselling that uses philosophical insights and methods to help people think through significant issues in their life.


How can it help me?

The issues philosophical counselling can help with include :

finding your vocation,

making a difficult decision,

career dilemmas

relationship issues

being clearer about what you want from life.


How does it differ from other forms of counselling?

Counselling allows a space for you to explore your issues in a safe, confidential setting. Philosophical counselling adds to these undoubted benefits  the thinking tools and insights of over two and a half thousand years.


Which philosophers do you make most use of?

Philosophers I have found useful in the past include Socrates, Aristotle, Mill, Plato, Epicurus, Nietzsche and the Stoics. But it's also about applying philosophical methods. With colleagues in the SPP, an increasing number of philosophical methods are being developed, including RSVP for values clarification and Progress for decision-making. Buy my book Wise Therapy , available from to find out more.


What are your qualifications?

I am an APPA and SPP registered philosophical counsellor and trainer of philosopher counsellors for the SPP.  I have a first class degree from Oxford and an M.Phil from London University.


Where can I read an objective account of your work?

My work has recently been featured in the National press in the UK 

   The Independent, November 16 2004   "For the first time in two years, I was being honest with myself about what I really wanted - listening to those voices that we all have inside our heads, and too often try to muzzle."

   Observer Magazine, November 21 2004  "Philosophical counselling addresses the questions other therapies fail to reach"

How can I book a session?

E-mail me  on to arrange your own philosophical counselling sessions.





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